Was I At The Mall or The Strip Club?

Posted March 31, 2009 by shamack38
Categories: Parenting

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I live in Connecticut and have been here all of my life. All I have to say is that teen girls are dressing like total pigs these days! I walk into my mall and all I saw were just half naked teen girls without parents running around,shaking their asses and boobs popping out. 80% were young latina girls. What it is with latina girls? You see tham all over the place and they either are dressing like sluts or hanging out with older men! Yes…It is also going on with white and black girls but more so with the latina’s! They have these bodies on them already that look like they’re 23 and they’re only 12-14 years old!!!! How can a mom let her kid thats built like that… leave the house dressed in such a slutty matter? This is why my daughter comes home and tells me how they pretty much are tired of┬áseeing the latina’s walking around pregnant and they’re not even in high school!!! If I knew my daughter was a 34 d ..Do you think I’d allow her to wear clothes that permitted her boobs to burst out? NO!!!!!!! Latina moms need to wake up!!!┬áThis is why you see grown men hanging out at the malls all day! Can you blame them???